How to remove stretch marks on chest

How to remove stretch marks on the chest

What are the reasons for the appearance of stretch marks

Before starting a fight with stretch marks, you need to find out why they appeared.
In most cases stretch marks appear during pregnancy, usually at the beginning and at the end, when the breasts begin to grow rapidly. Stretch marks on the chest can also appear with a rapid increase in body weight, when the breast also sharply increases in size and stretches the skin. Sometimes it happens that under the influence of hormones, the skin loses its elasticity and stretch marks also appear.

How to remove the stretch marks on the chest in beauty salons

Specialists in the beauty salon can talk in detail about how to remove numerous stretch marks on the chest. After that they will select an individual way for you to get rid of them. In the event that stretch marks have appeared recently, then the wrapping can well help. During this procedure, the skin comes in a tone that promotes the healing of torn vessels. The course of treatment lasts about 6-12 procedures, is that the treatment areas are applied to problem areas of the breast, after which the thermo blanket is covered for 30-60 minutes.

There is another way to remove recently appeared stretch marks – ultrasound therapy, when ultrasound produces a micromassage of fatty subcutaneous tissue. After this procedure, the skin improves metabolic processes, and plus it gives a good lifting effect.

If the stretch marks are old, chemical peeling can help. During this procedure, the deep layers of the epidermis are burned and the synthesis of collagen stimulated.

How at home to get rid of stretch marks

To get rid of stretch marks on your chest at home, you can lubricate the problem areas of the skin with olive, almond, linseed or any other vegetable oil. Because these oils contain vitamin E, which contributes to the regeneration of the skin. In addition, during the struggle with stretch marks, proper nutrition is needed. The diet should contain foods that contain substances to improve the elasticity of the skin, especially nuts, vegetable oil, seafood and fruit.

It is necessary to get rid of stretch marks immediately if they appear anyway. You can not think that they themselves will disappear, it`s just that the stretch marks will not pass, but only on the contrary become even more noticeable.

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