How to remove wax from clothes

How to remove wax from clothes

      Remove the wax from clothing or fabric in the following way. Gently remove the hardened wax from the surface with the tip of the knife. Try not to damage or cut the stained item. After removal of the hardened paraffin, there will remain a stain that is embedded in the fibers of the material.

Take a towel, paper or cotton napkins and an iron. Put a towel on the ironing board, from above place a paraffin-stained thing. Slip under the stain a napkin, folded in several layers, from above cover with the same napkin.

Preheat the iron and gently iron the stain. Change the wipes until all the paraffin is melted and absorbed into them.

After this procedure, only a fat stain remains on the surface of the tissue. Remove it with a machine wash or with a special soap”Antipyatin” to remove stains.

This method is unacceptable for some types of tissue. The stain from wax from velvet or suede can be removed with the help of heated alcohol or turpentine. With silk, the stain is removed by cologne. Fleecy tissues after removal should be”combed” with a special brush.

There is another way to remove wax – cooling. The soiled object is recommended to be placed in the freezer, then remove the stain from the wax with the tip of the knife. However, this method still leaves a paraffin stain. In addition, not all things can be put in the refrigerator.

The stains from the wax on carpets are displayed in the same way as stains from other things – with the help of iron and napkins.

When waxing, the iron does not need to be heated to full capacity. The melting point of household paraffins is usually 40-60 degrees C.

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