How to remove white dots under the eyes

How to remove white dots under the eyes

The medical name of whiteheads or patches is milium (miliaria, lat.). They arise because of the delay of the secretion of the sebaceous glands. The main cause of secretion in the mouth of the sebaceous gland is the excessive secretion of sebum. Often sufferers suffer from oily and combination skin. Very often miliums under the eyes indicate a high content of cholesterol in the blood. For an integrated approach to getting rid of whiteheads, you should undergo ultrasound of the gallbladder and pass a blood test for cholesterol.

There are several ways to get rid of peppermint: mechanical removal, electrocoagulation, removal with a laser. Acne, located very close to the surface of the skin, can be removed with a cross-hair peeling.

Mechanically, the patches are removed using a thin sterile needle. The surface of the skin with eruptions and hands of the cosmetologist is previously disinfected with alcohol-containing lotions, and only then they proceed to the procedure. Moreover, the needle only pierces the skin in the center of the blocked duct, keeping it almost parallel to the front surface. Then the beautician, wrapping his fingers with sterile napkins, presses on the surface around the formation, helping to get out the contents outside. After that, the surface is again disinfected. Cosmetologists strongly recommend not doing such procedures at home, because in the absence of sterility, you can inject an infection under the skin, which you will be more difficult to get rid of than from milium that is not an inflammatory acne. Again, if the procedure is mismanaged, you can damage the thin skin of the eyelid, and also remove the percolation incompletely, which completely deprives the effect of all your procedures.

The electrocoagulation procedure is also performed by a cosmetologist, a specialist in hardware cosmetology. The fine needle of the electrocoagulator is fed directly to the nodule itself and a current of small values ​​is fed to it. Effects are made on each nodule separately. The procedure is rather painless, the cauterization marks come off in a short time, like ordinary scales from small lesions.
Laser treatment also does not bring any unpleasant sensations and is recommended by cosmetologists as one of the most effective and relapse-free. Laser removal of the baby must be done only by a certified specialist.

An important value in getting rid of white dots under the eyes is the prevention of their appearance. If you are bothered with patches on your cheekbones or on your forehead, then regularly, at least once a week, put on your face a peeling mask from badyagi. Before doing this, test on a small area of ​​the skin for allergy to banyak. This method is unacceptable for delicate areas of the skin around the eyes. Here, paraffin masochki can be used as a prophylaxis, which opens the pores well and helps to remove excess sebum. In this case, care should be taken when applying molten paraffin under the eyes, because these are the most delicate areas of skin on the face. Paraffin in this case should not be above 45 ° C.

If the skin of your eyelids is prone to milium formation, you should carefully approach the choice of eye makeup. Be sure to consult when buying a cream with a specialist, because there are so called. Comedogenic creams that promote clogging of pores. You should not use such creams. Also, pay special attention to your diet and diet. Eliminate from the food fatty, floury and fried foods, especially, sweet fizzy drinks. Give preference to vegetables, fruits, boiled beef and white chicken meat in the diet. Lead an active lifestyle, go out into the fresh air, and most importantly, do not forget to keep your face clean, prone to squirming.

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