How to remove yellowness from bruise

How to remove yellowness from bruise

      The yellowness of the bruise suggests healing. To eliminate residual effects of the injury, it is recommended to use special ointments:”Troxevasin”,”Indovazin”,”Fastum-gel”,”Gepatrombin-gel” and other medications. They perfectly relieve swelling and pain, affect the capillaries, reducing the permeability of the walls of venous vessels and toning their smooth muscles.

To accelerate the process of healing of bruises, it is useful to eat egg yolk, spinach, fish oil and broccoli. Such products contain vitamin K, necessary for blood clotting.

On the sore spot, you can apply a compress made from a paste boiled in the peel of potatoes. To enhance the effect of the prepared mass add baking soda and honey.

To remove bruise, potatoes are also used in raw form. To do this, cut it into two parts, cut it into place with a bruise and rub it. Attach the potatoes with a bandage or patch and leave the compress for 2-3 hours. In the same way, fresh cabbage leaves and mashed leaves of plantain are used.

Prepare the mixture from the gruel 1 of the onion. Mix it with the powdered dry plantain leaf and add a small amount of honey to the resulting mass. Preheat the product in a boiling water bath and use as compresses 3 times a day for 2 hours each.

Well helps in the fight against bruises tincture of calendula. You can buy a pharmacy tincture, as well as make it yourself. To do this, 20 g of grass inflorescences are insisted on 100 ml of 70 ° alcohol for 2 weeks. The filtered product is applied to the affected areas in the form of lotions and compresses.

To remove yellow from the bruise to the surface of the bruise, you can attach a cut sheet of aloe or a slurry of soy flour. Rasponite 2 heads of garlic, fill them with 0.5 liters of 6% vinegar and infuse throughout the day. Finish the mixture rub the place of injury 1-2 times a day.

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