How to repaint from a red color to a blonde

How to repaint from a red color to a blonde

      Such a change of color is complicated by the peculiarities of the structure of red hair. The fact is that the golden and yellow pigment in combination with the ashy shades gives a persistent green color. Therefore, all of the”ryzhinku” must be removed.

If you have a naturally red hair – it`s still far from it, but if over the years you painted your hair in different shades of red and chestnut flowers, then in such a situation you can not do without a special remedy – washing . So you can remove the entire red pigment in several stages, but this will have a very bad effect on the health and appearance of the curls.

To get the right shade, not yellow or green, you need to use only professional tools. It is better to buy them in specialized stores. Remember, in any case, do not choose paints, in the title of which there is the word”ashy” and better immediately buy a shampoo that will remove the straw color. It should be used, mixing in equal proportions with the usual means for washing hair.

In order to less damage to the hair, it is better to gradually color the hair in the right shade with the help of melioration. Then you are guaranteed to get smoother and more natural hues transitions.

In any case, to discolor hair, you need professional advice. If the hair is dry and lifeless, before staining it is necessary to conduct a course of recovery with the help of therapeutic masks, shampoos and balms.

Discolored hair requires careful care. Daily use of shampoos and hair conditioners is mandatory, which will restore their structure. In addition, the hair needs to be moistened. It is best to do this with the help of flax oil, which is rubbed into the scalp before washing at least 2 times a week.

To make the dyed blond hair more docile, it is necessary to laminate, which not only makes the hair more bulky and smooth, but also protects from external influences.

And in order to get rid of yellowness, immediately after staining it is necessary to wash the head with a shade of shade of purple or platinum color. Keep it on your hair you need no more than 3-4 minutes, otherwise your hair will turn purple.

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