How to restore a hoarse voice

How to restore a hoarse voice

      A hushed voice can not appear for no reason. There is always a good reason for this, the elimination of which will lead to the restoration of the voice.

One of the most common causes of a missing voice is the overstraining of the vocal cords as a result of a prolonged or very loud conversation. In this case it is very important to rest the voice device and for a while just shut up. If you have to say something, you only need to do it in a full voice, not in a whisper. Because with a whisper, the strain on the ligaments becomes much higher.

The voice can also fall due to inflammatory processes in the body. For example, with laryngitis, angina and other various diseases of the throat or nose. Here, frequent rinsing of the throat with a warm solution of water with a teaspoon of salt, soda and a few drops of iodine will help. And also a solution of calendula. For the night is worth a glass of warm milk with honey, butter or egg. This will soften the irritated throat.

Another cause of loss of voice may be a temperature drop when cold liquid enters the throat. For example, if you drink ice water on a hot summer day. To restore the hoarse voice in this case, it`s best to try not to drink cold drinks.

If the voice of the hoop is a result of a strong nervous strain, you just need to calm down, shut up and drink only a warm liquid.

A warm tea with honey, lemon or raspberry relieves stress from the vocal chords. You can drink a slightly warmed cognac, adding honey and lemon. And also a drink from brewed viburnum.

But for whatever reason the voice is hoarse, you only need to use warm, but not hot, beverages to restore it. Try not to overcool. As far as possible, refuse to eat, seasoned with spices and spices, smoking and long conversations.

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