How to restore nails after building?

How to restore nails after building?

It often happens that after a wrong extension of the nails and their subsequent removal, the nail plate becomes uneven with pits and grooves. This can happen due to improper polishing and sawing the surface of the nail. If, after removing the artificial material, you have discovered this problem, you will have to give up the nails for a while, cure your nails and wait until they fully grow to cut them.

Many ladies turn to a specialist for nail extensions regularly, in this situation, you can detect the appearance of burrs, dry skin around your finger. This can happen if, in the process of building up the nail, a chemical has entered the skin, which must be applied directly to the nail. To cope with this problem you will be helped by specialized preparations to soften the cuticle, they include natural natural oils that penetrate deep into the pores of the skin, feeding it, and retaining moisture.

The most effective helpers in dealing with changes and defects of natural nails after building up are basic coatings and natural oils with a vitamin complex (A and E) and an extract of forest and meadow grasses. The oil will nourish the nail coverings, and the base coat will protect the nails from the negative impact of the environment.

One of the most effective and affordable home remedies is ordinary or sea salt, which is always at hand. Salt trays for nails with any salt will help strengthen the nail plate. Add a few drops of essential oil or lemon juice to the bath and the effect will only increase. After this procedure, massage the nails with any vegetable oil. Massage promotes thickening and strengthening of the nail plate, and oil will nourish the nail.

The nail can be alternated with a bath of warm vegetable oil, mixed with apple cider vinegar in equal quantities, or with the addition of lemon juice. Once a week, lubricate the nails with freshly squeezed lemon juice or draw a slice of lemon on each nail and let them dry. After that, wash your hands with warm water and brush nails with a nutritious or moisturizing cream.

If you want to restore your nails as quickly as possible, you need to pay special attention to your nutrition. Include in your diet foods high in calcium: almonds, dairy products, dates. Use freshly squeezed juices: beet, orange, carrot, and vegetable oil.

If you have the opportunity and desire, go to the manicure salon for the procedure of sealing the nails, hot manicure and paraffin bath. During a hot manicure, your nails will be poured into a heated container with a creamy liquid. It includes a vitamin complex for strengthening and nourishing the nails, cuticles. Paraffin bath will have a beneficial effect on the damaged nails and smooth the skin of the hands, making it tender and supple. During the procedure of sealing the nail, a nutritious mixture that contains minerals and vitamins forms a protective film. This procedure protects and nourishes the nails for three weeks and is recommended mainly to those who decided to return the old look to their nails after building.

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