How to restore the density of your hair

How to restore the density of your hair

      The process of restoring the volume of hair can not be fast, so if you seriously decide to return your old thick hair, you need to tune in for a long time.

First you need to come to an understanding that the hair reflects the general condition of the body. Therefore, it is impossible to radically change anything, if you do not change your daily routine, diet, do not go in for sports.

Also often the trip to the trichologist may be useless if you are offered only special expensive shampoos, masks and other rubbing. It is better to visit a good therapist who will give recommendations on overall health improvement.

If you really get down to business, you`ll have to give up all the complicated hairstyles that require styling. Remove all styling products – varnishes, foams, waxes, gels, mousses, as well as hair dryer, ironing, tongs and ployku.

It`s best to make a haircut that holds the shape well without any extra effort. And, of course, refrain from staining (especially with clarifying paints), from a chemical wave.

Make it a rule to daily or rub the scalp with a hard terry towel, or comb your hair, making two hundred movements with a brush made of natural bristles. Yes, yes, the same grandmother`s advice! This is done in order to stimulate the work of hair follicles. Intensive massage causes a rush of blood to the scalp, nourishes the follicles, and this improves their work, restoring hair growth. Yes, it will not happen quickly, perhaps, at first you will notice a profuse loss of hair, but in time you will enjoy the effect.

Also, if possible, give up shampoos. Use natural means for washing hair – bread, clay, egg, kefir, etc. Instead of expensive shampoos, it is better to use burdock oil (especially with red pepper). Applying it to the roots of hair for a long time. In time, you will see how beneficial it affects your curls.

And yet – cut off the split ends of the hair in time – the dead hair takes away a portion of the food that could be given to the roots.

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