How to roll up shirt sleeves

How to roll up shirt sleeves

      The sleeve, rolled in four turns, is one of the most common ways. To do this, unbutton the cuff and wrap it four times. The sleeve will be at the level of the elbow. After that, move it slightly upwards, just above the elbow. This option will give the shirt an easy and summer look.

The second option is three turns from the cuffs. With this method, the length of the sleeve will be just below the elbow. To do this, wrap the sleeve cuffs three turns. You will get a sporty image that will perfectly match with jeans and sports pants.

The shifted sleeve. In this case, do not tuck the cuffs inside, but leave it below. Shift the sleeve of the shirt just above the elbow, while watching that it does not slide down. This method is impractical enough, since the sleeves look very untidy and quickly wrinkle.

Rolling the cuffs in three or four turns. This method allows you to hide the inner seams of the shirt and create the effect of short sleeves without seams.

In order to wrap the sleeve with a single turn of the cuffs with the button unbuttoned, turn the cuffs inside out without fastening them. With this method, you will give the sleeves of the shirt an interesting effect of the wings, which will perfectly match with the open collar.

If you want to make the sleeve of the shirt a little shorter, but at the same time leave it on the ground in plain view, use a single swing of the cuffs with a buttoned up button. To do this, unbutton the cuffs, tuck them once and fasten, gently spreading the folds on the fabric. With this method, you can simply and effectively shorten the shirt sleeve.

Applying your imagination and skills, you can turn the sleeves of your shirt every day in new ways and look fashionable and elegant at the same time.

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