How to round a face

How to round the face

      Use when applying makeup tonal basis is slightly darker than the natural shade of your skin. Place it on the lower part of the chin and the upper part of the forehead and blend well with powder so that there is no clear border between the tones. This way of imposing the base will visibly shorten the face. Make a person more rounded will help and a light powder, if you put it in the direction from the cheeks to the ears.

Help and blush if you put them on the cheekbones oblique lines and shade. The cheeks can be rounded, using a light tonal basis and shading it with the help of friable powder.

Select, depending on the type of face, a form of eyebrow that would also help to round it. It is best if the eyebrows are straight, if you have sunken cheeks and sharp chin. This will make the traits more feminine, softening them. The face of the square shape can be corrected with pointed eyebrows.

Especially good helps to make the face look more rounded correctly chosen hairdo. For example, an even bangs and hair taken in the”ponytail” in combination with the parting is not in the middle, but on the side.

Be cut so that the length of the hair reaches only to the shoulders, and scratch them or attach the volume at the level of the cheeks with styling aids. You will also want a medium hairstyle if you have curly hair. Lay them on one side and lift a little with your forehead. Straight hair can be slightly podvit so that the curls were at the level of the cheeks. In combination with a slanting bang that hides part of the forehead, such a hairstyle will make your face more round.

Cleverly selected accessories can also help you. Try not to wear narrow glasses, giving preference to the points of a square shape. In summer, in order to slightly round the face, it is best to wear baseball caps, covering the top of the forehead with a visor. Do not give up on small round hats.

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