How to save a breaking nail

How to save a breaking nail

      Ideas can arise very different. Sometimes girls even reach such radical means as the use of conventional glue. But this should not be done exactly. Similar manipulations are worth the health of the nails.

If this situation you envisage in advance, purchase a set for fixing the nail. In it you will find a special fabric, a disinfector, a buff, a nail file and glue for nails. Using a nail file, clean the nail, treat it with a disinfectant. From the tissue cut a piece, place it on the crack. Spread with glue, wait until it dries. Now peel the surface of the tissue and polish the nail.

Unfortunately, such an operation will be very noticeable. And five days after the nail can still break. There is another way out: keep a set of false nails. If you usually have long claws, and one suddenly broke, in its place you can glue an invoice. Then do not have to sever all the nails. The false nail will have to be worn until your own grows. Or for some time yet to reconcile with different lengths of nails.

If the nail just started to break, try to accurately podpilit. You will smooth the place of the break and the destruction will go slower. If the edge is already quite a large cracks, it is better to cut off the nail as long as possible. Otherwise, it will break itself, and literally”under the root”, and the manicure will look even worse. In addition, it can be very painful.

Of course, you will always be helped in the beauty salon. Ask the master to correct the situation. You will make a kind of”patch” for the acrylic nail. The nail after such repairs will calmly grow, and your manicure will always look perfect.

And to avoid such situations, watch the nails. After all, healthy nails break very rarely. Strengthen them will help massage wells, wax for nails, salt trays.

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