How to sew a lambrequin with your own hands

How to sew a lambrequin with your own hands

      Lambruck is a horizontal curtain detail, which usually has a size of 20 percent of the height of the window opening. They are divided into soft and hard. Soft lambrequins are made from curtain fabric, which is laid in folds and stuck. Hanging in the form of folds lambrequin is called svag. The material is best picked up lightweight, but dense, which could easily be draped.

Rigid lambrequins are made from non-woven fabric or any other sealant. Such a curtain should hold the shape well. Hard lambrequins are fastened to the bar in front of the cornice. It is not necessary to use only one svag, there may be several, then a simple lambrequin will turn into a complex one. In this version of the scenery you can combine hard and soft types of curtains.

You can sew lambrequins from the same fabric as the other curtains. If, however, this part is cut out separately, they choose a material similar in color and density, only in this case the lambrequins and curtains will look like a single whole. You can do it differently, pick up a contrasting fabric, so that the svagi stand out better.

Fold the square of the tissue of the desired size diagonally, mark the fold of the middle of the svaga, make the assembly. To do this, you need to use the bar with marks, it will be attached folds. On this bar, you should outline the width of the middle of the svag. Place a piece of cloth on the bar at an angle of 45 degrees. Pin the first fold of the svag. Similarly, create the rest of the folds of matter.

You need to try to observe the symmetry, all folds should be the same depth and width. Cut off excess fabric, attach the upper edge of the svag with pins along the fold line. The billet of the lambrequin is dissolved, the contours of the element are transferred to a dummy cloth or paper. The lower part is treated with an oblique bake, decorate with fringe or tassels. The upper part is decorated with curtain tape.

Obtained lambrequins can be decorated with a frill, which is sewn to the bottom edge of the decoration. As decoration, festons and”ties” are also suitable.

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