How to sew a poncho

How to sew a poncho

You can simply throw it over your shoulders or completely wrap yourself up and look stunning! A woolen poncho has a couple of advantages: it is easy to sew and warm on cold days.

A short tight poncho can replace a scarf, the longer and the loose can replace a shawl or coat if the model is knee-length and sewn from the coat fabrics. It perfectly conceals the shortcomings of the figure, and it is often used by fashion designers in collections for full women.
Do you want to have a fashionable thing with your wardrobe? Sew !

In fact, it is very easy to sew a poncho, even a beginning dressmaker can handle it.
You will need: woolen velor (or other woolen fabric) 1.90 m in length and 150 cm in width, oblique bake or braid for edging about 9 m in length, 3 cm wide, glue stick.

On the details of wool velor, trim the edges. Fold the detail along in half, cut along the bend to a length of 100 cm

Fold the trim strip along the wrong side inwards and press it so that one part is wider by about 2 mm. In the folded strip, insert and glue the sections of the part so that the wider part of the strip lies on the wrong side of the poncho. At the corners on the strip, lay the oblique folds. On the front side of the strip pritachayte in the edge, grabbing the inner edge of the strip.

So, having spent only thirty minutes to work, you became the owner of a stylish and elegant thing. And no cold winds will not be scary.

Tip: use the glue pencil to perfectly trim the fringing, you can buy it in any fabric store.
Decorate your poncho with fringe, embroidery, applique or combine knitted details and fabric, you will get an exclusive model.

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