How to shave a bikini area so that there is no irritation

How to shave a bikini zone so that there is no irritation

      What if after a shave the tender bikini area becomes covered with a red rash, it hurts and itches? You can stop using the machine and go to hair removal using wax, for example. And you can reconsider your attitude to shaving delicate intimate places.

First of all, regularity is important. Decide for yourself, shave you bikini zone often or do not shave at all. The more often the procedure is performed, the more the skin adapts to it, and the less often irritations appear on it.

You also need to choose the right shaving time. Optimum to spend it in the evening, so that after the procedure you can calmly go to bed, and without linen – so that the fabric does not injure the already”hardened” skin.

No less important stage than shaving itself is the preparation for it. If the hair is thick and long, they should first be shortened with scissors, and only then carry out the procedure.

Before shaving, take a warm, relaxing shower. Hot water will soften the skin, prepare it for subsequent exposure. Then you need to apply a shaving aid on the area (better, if it`s a cream, gel or foam for very sensitive skin) and, armed with a machine with a fresh blade, you can start.

The main mistake of men and women removing unwanted vegetation is the movement of the machine against the growth of the hair. With such a technique, the risk of microdamaging the skin is very high, and, consequently, irritation is inevitable. You need to shave only on the growth line. This is the only way to reduce microtraumas to a minimum, and also to avoid the problem of ingrown hairs.

During the procedure, do not forget to wash the blade from time to time under the running water in order to wash away the removed vegetation from it. Shave the hairs, slightly holding the skin with your fingers. When there are short”hemp” on the treated area, you can remove them by making a couple of machine movements against hair growth. But very carefully!

After the hygiene procedures have come to an end, and the result allows you to calmly wear even a very brave swimsuit, you can finish. Rinse the shaving aid residues, blot (but do not wipe) clean skin with a towel and apply the after shave cream to the treated area. All you can go to bed.

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