How to sleep quickly and sleep peacefully

How to quickly fall asleep and sleep peacefully

For sure, each of us at least once in his life met with the problem of a difficult fall asleep. A hard working day, stress, overwork and many other factors knock us out of the rhythm of life. You come home from work and want to quickly fall asleep, getting rid of day problems. Therefore, to hear the phrase:”I can not fall asleep”, it is possible very often. Naturally, if you turned around at midnight from side to side, and fell asleep only in the morning, then the sutra will not be able to boast of good health. Therefore, it is necessary to take action.
For problems with falling asleep, use the following tips:
– In the evening, at any time of the year, try to afford at least a small (20-30 minutes) walk in the air. Do not spend the whole evening at the TV, especially watching militants or criminal dramas.
– A warm bath (37 ° C), in which there is added infusion of herbs (chamomile, mint, lime-colored) or a few drops of lavender oil, also contributes to a calm and deep sleep. If it is difficult for you to fall asleep, try before going to bed to send a strong stream of hot water from the shower to the calf muscles: this massage will help to relax and calm down. To take a common shower, and even more to rub yourself with a hard towel, at night it is not necessary – it is better to do it in the morning.
– It is useful before the evening water procedures to walk around the apartment barefoot, minutes 15-20, then for a minute to lie down, raise your legs, for example, on a wall, at a big angle.
– Eastern medics recommend after foot bath to massage the feet with any vegetable oil, adding to it an oil solution of vitamin E. Massaging the feet from the fingertips to the ankle.
– For combing hair before going to bed, buy yourself a wooden comb. Two minutes of such combing improve blood circulation in the scalp, relax and relieve the stress accumulated during the day.
– Sometimes it is difficult to sleep because of an empty, or, conversely, overcrowded stomach. Try to have supper for 2-3 hours before a dream, do not drink strong tea and the more so coffee. A small cup of warm milk with honey, herbal or weak green tea before going to bed will help to satisfy hunger, without overloading the stomach.
– Dreams will be easy and pleasant if you put a bag of dried herbs near the pillow, or put dry leaves of mint, lemon balm, lavender, thyme, rose petals near the bed. To sleep it is necessary in complete darkness, if necessary, having pulled up curtains. The temperature in the bedroom should not be above 18-20 ° C, but not lower, otherwise the sleep will be restless.
– A person sleeps more soundly if the room is well ventilated. If the weather allows, do not close the window – so you better get enough sleep. If the weather is bad, then at least ventilate the room before going to bed. Try to sleep on an even bed, remove high pillows or soft mattresses. A soft bed contributes to the violation of posture and does not allow to relax.
– Nightwear should be comfortable and free of natural and soft tissues. Close pajamas and shirts should not be worn. The color of the bed linen is also important. Psychologists and other specialists believe that it is easier to fall asleep and quietly sleeps in a bed of blue-blue or golden-beige color. The bedroom is better to decorate in the same tones, if there is such an opportunity. Bright and large patterns and flowers in the design of the bedroom is better not to use, and the lighting is done laterally, preferably with soft diffused light.
Correct sleep will provide you with a good mood, perfect well-being and will keep your youth.

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