How to spread circles under the eyes

How to spread circles under the eyes

      An incorrect way of life is not the only reason for the appearance of circles under the eyes. In some cases, they indicate the diseases of internal organs, in addition, do not exclude heredity. In certain cases, you can get rid of circles under the eyes, if you eliminate the cause of their appearance, in others – it remains to count on camouflage.

The skin on the eyelids and under the eyes is very gentle. Often, the skin under the eyes is more dry than on other parts of the face, and this should be taken into account. Before applying makeup, the skin under the eyes should be properly prepared. The cream for the eyelids should provide the skin with a sufficient degree of moisturizing, and nourishing masks will not interfere. In case of emergency, you can use patches with special compositions that refresh skin color and eliminate puffiness.

Circles under the eyes are of different shades: bluish, reddish, brownish. To disguise them, you can experiment with correctors of different colors. Of course, at first glance it seems that the color corrector will stand out on the face with a ridiculous stain. But in reality the yellow color neutralizes the bluish tint, the green manages the redness, and the bluish (or lilac) tones of the corrector help to get rid of the brownish or yellowish skin tone.

If it`s hard for you to decide on the use of color correctors, choose a classic option: the color of the concealer or proofreader should be on the lighter shade of the base. Apply the corrective agent with a brush or fingertips, trying not to stretch or otherwise deform the eyelids and skin under the eyes. Well shade means: it should not be a mask on the skin, and transitions to other tones should be hidden. Do not lighten the skin excessively under the eyes, otherwise you will get the same circles under the eyes, only not dark, but bright.

What you do not paint over using the corrector will be”smoothed out” after applying the powder. By the way, about powder: too much of its layer, maybe, and paints the circles, but its abundance in this part of the face looks completely unaesthetic: it makes the skin drier and accentuates even fine wrinkles. To apply powder under the eyes and eyelids, it is better to use a soft brush, rather than a sponge, which often comes complete. After you type the powder, shake or blow off its excess from the brush and only then continue to make up.

Choose the right shade – they should not crumble and dirty the skin under the eyes. Highlight the inner corner of the eye and apply a few light shadows under the eyebrow – so you`ll make your eyes look fresher and open. Do not abuse the lining of the lower eyelid, so as not to draw attention to the area under the eyes and, of course, always be irresistible.

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