How to spread the gel on the nails

How to spread the gel on the nails

      To begin with, use a brush to apply a thin layer of Bond-gel on the surface of each nail in turn and wait until it becomes a matte shade. If this did not happen, then too much gel was applied. In this case, you need to remove its surplus, using a dry foam sponge.

Then put your hand in the UV lamp for 1 minute to allow the gel to polymerize. While the nails on one hand dry out under UV rays, you can apply the gel on the nails of the second hand. After the coating is polymerized, the adhesive dispersion layer should not be removed. On top of it on the nails should put a firming transparent gel and polymerize in a UV lamp for 30 seconds. So, the basis for applying the varnish will be obtained.

Using a brush, it is necessary to apply a little gel-varnish on top of the dispersive sticky gel layer. In the cuticle zone it is necessary to work very carefully. From the peri-osaline skin and cuticle, the excess gel is removed by a plastic pusher. Then the hands are alternately placed in a UV lamp for 3 minutes for polymerization.

At work it is necessary to observe some sequence:

1. Apply gel-lacquer on the right little finger.
2. Put the little finger in the UV lamp for 5 seconds and simultaneously apply the lacquer to the left little finger, after which the hands change places.
3. The sequence of application and polymerization of the varnish on the nails of both hands must be alternated further and further to prevent the substance from flowing onto the peri-oral tissue and the cuticle.

At the end of this stage of work, a thin layer of ultra-hardening gel should be applied to each nail. Apply it, trying to make the thickness of the layer at the cuticle and at the free edge of the nail is minimal. Next, the sequential sealing of nails with the distribution of material on the free edge and on the sides of the nail. Surplus should be removed using a plastic pusher.

Then the hand should be put in the UV-apparatus for 1 minute, so that the ultra-hardening transparent gel hardens. Dispersion layer is removed with impregnated”Klianser plas” with sponge, which should be used no more than 2-3 nails. If it is not replaced in time, the gel layer will fade.

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