How to start practicing yourself

How to start doing yourself

      The first thing that strikes a man in the eye is the face. It is he who should be given the most time. The state of the skin is greatly affected by nutrition. If you want to make the skin more smooth and supple, eat garlic and onions. To strengthen and nourish the skin, you should consume foods rich in vitamin C (citrus, black currant, broccoli and others). Dried apricots contain substances that tone the skin, and cheese and eggs make it healthier. Refuse bad habits, as they negatively affect the appearance of the face.

In addition to nutrition, you must choose skin care. It differs depending on the season, age and type of skin. Every day you have to cleanse your face, tone it, nourish and moisten it. To do this, you can use cosmetics. If you prefer natural ingredients, make creams and masks to care for products, for example, a bleaching mask from kefir, lemon juice and parsley. For this, a tablespoon of greenery mixed with lemon juice, add two tablespoons of fermented milk product. Apply mask on face, after 10-15 minutes rinse with warm water (preferably bottled).

If you can not pick up cosmetic products yourself, contact a beautician or dermatologist. The specialist will assess the condition of your skin and choose a comprehensive care.

A woman dreams not only of healthy and radiant skin, but also of the same hair. Therefore, we should pay attention to them. Nutrition also plays an important role here. For example, if you have dry hair, then your body is experiencing a deficit of fat. To fill it, you need to eat walnuts, fish, sunflower seeds every day. With fatty hair, you should limit the consumption of spices.

To make your hair healthy and strong, you need to look after them. First pick up the shampoo. For washing, you can use natural products, such as egg yolk. At least once a week, make masks. To do this, purchase funds at the pharmacy (for example, burdock oil) or cook them at home (can be made from onions). If you have problems with hair that you can not solve on your own, consult a trichologist.

Do not forget about the nails. Do a manicure, nourish the nail plate. For example, you can use salt baths or clay masks. Eat vegetables, fruits, berries. Walk more outdoors, avoid stressful situations, lead an active lifestyle.

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