How to stop bleeding after tooth extraction

How to stop bleeding after tooth extraction

      The dentist stops the bleeding from the tooth socket by attaching a tight tampon of sterile cotton wool or gauze to the wound and proposing to the patient to bite it. The tampon should be kept for 15-20 minutes. During this time, usually a blood clot is formed, covering the wound and stopping bleeding.

In the event that the bleeding has not stopped, the doctor plugging the hole, filling it tightly with hemostatic medicines. In some cases, with severe bleeding, you even have to suture.

After leaving the dentist`s office after tooth extraction, do not forget about the doctor`s recommendations:

– eat only 3 hours after tooth extraction;
– do not smoke for 5 hours after the tooth is pulled out
– observe physical rest on the day when you have removed the tooth (do not lift weights, do not bend down);
– do not take a hot bath, do not steam, and do not eat hot food on the day of tooth extraction;
– within a day after you have pulled out a tooth, do not rinse your mouth. The next day you can gently rinse the mouth with a warm solution of furacilin, manganese or chlorhexidine;
– on the next day after the removal operation, you can brush your teeth, but do it with caution on the side of the torn tooth.

In some cases, repeated bleeding may occur from the socket of the removed tooth after a while. This happens with a complex removal, violation of blood coagulability, increased blood pressure, the expansion of small blood vessels, injured when removing the tooth, the breakdown of the blood clot, as well as non-compliance with the recommendations of a doctor.

To stop the bleeding:

– Make a dense small swab of gauze and attach to the hole of the tooth, biting it (the tampon should be slightly higher than adjacent teeth)
– Sit or lie with closed teeth, calm down and relax;
– If the bleeding does not stop, it threatens a great loss of blood, contact the dentist or any hospital where there is a surgical department.

In cases of high blood pressure or coagulation, often not only local methods of stopping blood, but also general medical procedures are required.

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