How to store a fur hat

How to store a fur hat

      Natural fur is afraid of heat, dampness, chemicals and sun. But he loves air and darkness. With a long stay in the light, he loses color and fades. But about everything in detail in order.

Fur products must be stored in a cool place, where low humidity should be maintained. In a damp room, the fur will quickly become stiff. In addition, the white hat can form terrible yellow spots. Similar metamorphoses with fur occur because of the activity of molds that are not visible with a simple eye. At high humidity, they settle and actively multiply on the fur of fur products. Therefore, it is better not to store your hat in a closet near the bathroom.

Sending the headpiece for storage is best packed. Place it in a special case or in an ordinary cardboard box. A box of shoes is quite suitable. You can wrap a hat in ordinary newspapers. It is desirable that they are fresh. The fact is that the mole scares off the smell of printing ink. For greater reliability, you can put”Antimol”. Do not store the fur cap in a plastic bag or suitcase. Fur needs good air circulation.

Before packing the headgear, make sure it is clean. If contamination exists on the fur, they should be removed. You can include a hat in the dry cleaners or try to cope with stains on the fur at home. With the removal of traces of sweat and fat, a mixture of table salt and ammonia is coping well. Dissolve in a glass of water a teaspoon of ammonia and three tablespoons of salt. Wet a flannel or cloth brush in this solution and wipe the stain on the cap in the direction of the pile.

After this treatment, the cap should dry well at room temperature. Drying of fur products near radiators or in the sun will affect negatively their appearance. Fur can lose its lively brilliance, and masdra can become stiff.

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