How to Strengthen Immunity with Aromatherapy

How to Strengthen Immunity with Aromatherapy

A number of reasons contribute to the emergence of most diseases, which, when combined, can turn even mild ailment into a chronic pathology. Unhealthy lifestyle, disturbed ecology, malnutrition, electromagnetic radiation, harmful drugs, sedentary lifestyle, increased stress level – all this can not but have a negative effect on a person. Strengthening the immunity and adherence to certain rules that help to improve health, help to minimize the consequences of most destructive factors. The fight against diseases must begin not after hospitalization, but at home, while a person still has something to fight for. Prevention of disease and strengthening of immunity require some effort from a person, but they are much more effective (and cheaper) than overcoming a disease that has already arisen.

Rapid fatigue, drowsiness, chronic fatigue, persistent headaches, body aches are the first signs that you have decreased immune activity. If you are tired of endless sores, infections and viral diseases, if herpes on the lips has become a common occurrence, then your body has failed, and until the diseases have passed to the chronic stage, it is urgent to take action.

Strengthening immunity with folk remedies

Strengthening immunity with aromatherapy is possible for both adults and young children, this is its advantage. Essential oils are excellent helpers in the fight for immunity, they restore the defenses of the body, promote rapid recovery. Of course, if your illness has gone to a neglected stage, you need to take more serious measures and resort to medical intervention. But, if you have a simple task ahead of you! strengthen immunity or increase vitality – aromatherapy can be invaluable.

To better imagine the effect of essential oils on the human body, let`s look at the mechanisms that determine immunity. Our body consists, among other things, of a variety of tissue compounds and glands that produce various immune substances to fight infection. The main of them – T-lymphocytes, which, moving with a stream of blood, destroy all the revealed pathogenic substances.

Helping lymphocytes in their struggle for human health are the so-called macrophage cells that”feed” on foreign microorganisms. Leukocytes (white blood cells) destroy diseased cells, which, because of their dysfunction, can degenerate into cancers. Erythrocytes (red blood cells) transport oxygen to the organs and tissues. The lymph collects all the toxins and products of cellular decay and transfers them to the kidneys and liver for subsequent filtration and removal from the human body.

Strengthening immunity with aromatherapy can occur in two ways:

• Essential oils themselves directly fight harmful microorganisms, acting as antiseptics and disinfectants

• Essential oils actively stimulate the production of leukocytes in the body.

Long-term studies of immunologists indicate that essential oils for essential immunity enhancement are essential oils: fir, anise, clove, basil, bay, camphor, jasmine, cypress, rosemary, lavender, cinnamon, oil of black pepper and clary sage. Positively affect! strengthening immunity essential oils bergamot, angelica, thyme and eucalyptus, which, moreover, help with colds. For a greater effect, oils can be combined:

– eucalyptus 3 drops, verbena 2 drops, bergamot 3 drops, lavender 1 drop;
– Verbena 1 drop, lemon 1 drop, lavender 3 drops, rosemary 3 drops
– orange 2 drops, ginger 3 drops, rosemary 2 drops;
– verbena 2 drops, basil 1 drop, lemon 1 drop, mandarin 1 drop;
– Lavender 2 drops, mint 2 drops, lemon balm 1 drop, muscatel 1 drop, cedar 1 drop.

ways to strengthen immunity, herbs to strengthen immunity

You can use essential oils to strengthen immunity in many ways. It is best to arrange for prolonged cold inhalations . Drip a few drops of essential oil or selected aromatic composition into the aroma lamp and leave indoors for one day. If you do not have a special aroma lamp, the essential oil can be applied to a clean cotton cloth and put on a battery, or drip onto a light bulb. When you turn it on, the oil will begin to evaporate, filling the room with healing aromas.

Perfect for enhancing immunity with aromatherapy and steam inhalations . Add a few drops of essential oil to boiling water or a special inhalation unit, breathe 10-15 minutes over the steam. Repeat this procedure twice a week for two months. A few drops of oil can be dripped into the ceramic incense and worn under the outer clothing. Thus, even being outside your home, you will help strengthen immunity.

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