How to strengthen the vessels

How to strengthen the vessels

Capillaries are called microscopic blood vessels that deliver nutrition to every muscle fiber, every cell of our body. If you add their length in the human body, you will get several kilometers. Skin and its microvascular system are indicators of the body`s immunity. For example, trophic ulcers on the legs indicate a violation of blood microcirculation, a decrease in the supply of nutrients and protective substances to the lesions.
Thrombosis of capillaries reduces the volume of the microvascular network. As a result, capillaries”fall asleep” and, if not stimulated, this process causes many diseases. Moreover, old age is defined as the drying out of the body due to the gradual closure of the capillaries, the emergence of dry cell sites and inhibition of life processes.

Ways to strengthen the capillaries
The primary way to strengthen the capillary network is intense physical activity on the body. The longer a person retains physical activity, the better he will have a capillary blood supply.
Massage of all kinds is also a stimulating factor, especially massage with the use of Kuznetsov applicator, which causes a strong flow of blood to the skin. It is recommended to use it regularly, starting from the spine and ending with the skin of the forehead, face, chin.
Very effective contrast dousing, and even better the effect of a bath with a broom. Broom massage is an excellent gymnastics for capillaries.
Effective means of preventing vascular diseases are turpentine baths, which have a local irritant and antiseptic effect. At the same time, capillaries are opened and blood circulation revitalizes throughout the body.

The heart muscle is fed by coronary, or coronary, arteries, which with age become, like capillaries, very vulnerable. Therefore, they must be rejuvenated and strengthened.

Causes of loss of arterial elasticity
The main problem arteries – this obesity, as a result of which the walls of the arteries are covered with cholesterol plaques, lose their elasticity, the walls appear scars and defects. This is the process of atherosclerosis.

Ways to clean arteries
To cleanse and strengthen the walls of the arteries, it is recommended to take infusion of hawthorn flowers, water extract of mountain arnica, alcoholic tincture of birch buds, infusion of corn stigmas, atherosclerotic collections consisting of dandelion, mint, sweet clover, spinyh, St. John`s wort and cranberry leaves. The
Particular attention should be paid to weight reduction and the organization of the correct mode of work and rest. It is necessary to fill daily the lack of physical activity. And it does not matter what it will be: swimming, walking, jogging or walking. Vessels need training.

If blood flows from the heart through the arteries, then to the veins. Venous blood carries the metabolic products of the body, in addition, it is the venous blood that rises from the lower extremities up to the heart. This fact determines the state of the vessels of the legs, which account for a significant load on the rise of blood up. If there is a violation of blood flow to certain organs, obliterating endarteritis develops, Rein`s disease, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis.

Ways to strengthen the elasticity of venous vessels. The greatest damage to blood vessels is caused by nicotine and alcohol.
To strengthen the blood vessels, vitamin C. is extremely necessary. The simplest way of replenishing vitamin C with simultaneous cleaning of the vessels is a medicinal composition of lemons, garlic and honey.
Also, the vessels need vitamin P (rutin), which is contained in garlic, pepper, onions, grapes, green tea, blueberries, blueberries, etc.
Traditional medicine recommends the reception of herbs that strengthen the veins. This is the fruit of chestnut, willow bark, cucumber, chamomile, sage, string, St. John`s wort.

People prone to vascular diseases are very meteodependent. Hence, increased blood pressure, headaches, increased risk of heart attack and stroke. Therefore, you should prepare the body for the summer heat. It is necessary to consume more greens, vegetables, fruits, which lower the level of cholesterol in the blood and on the walls of the vessels.

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