How to take balm

How to take balm

      Before applying any balm get the advice of your doctor. If you do not suffer from any serious chronic diseases and plan to take balm to maintain immunity and improve general well-being, carefully read the manufacturer`s instructions that detail the methods of application, dosage, indications and contraindications to balm.

Balm with a calming effect apply for insomnia, increased nervous excitability, with chronic stress, during sessions, exams and hard work without days off.

Balms with a stimulating effect are suitable for use with stably low blood pressure, with increased fatigue, during periods of epidemics of viral infections, as well as for anyone who wants to stimulate physical and mental activity. It is not recommended stimulating balsams to hypertensive patients, to persons with the raised nervous excitability, at a chronic insomnia.

Any balsam should be taken in its pure form, washed down with water, or add to tea, coffee. If you suffer from allergic reactions to plant raw materials, then refuse to take the balm or check its effect by taking a few drops. If your body reacts normally to a herbal remedy, then start taking it according to the manufacturer`s instructions.

Balsams based on bee products are not recommended for allergy sufferers and individuals who have never consumed beekeeping products. If you do not suffer from allergic reactions, you can get a doctor`s recommendation and start taking a balm with one or two drops.

The intake of balsam for pregnant and lactating women is contraindicated. If you plan to give a balm to your child, then do it only after a pediatrician`s advice.

Any vegetable raw material has a curative and preventive effect only with regular, long-term admission. Therefore, if you started a curative or preventive course and apply balm, then try to do it regularly for 3 months. After a 10-day break you can continue taking the balm.

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