How to tighten the chin

How to tighten the chin

      A clear oval face, elastic selection – the dream of any woman. It is not difficult to implement it if it is timely to begin prophylaxis of”sagging”. And to begin with, the main reasons for the appearance of a double chin should be eliminated. These include excessive abuse of high-calorie food, an increase or a sharp weight loss. The habit of sleeping on a high pillow also adversely affects the face`s oval.

You can remove the sagging chin in several ways: contact a plastic surgeon, start simple exercises to train muscles or take home recipes from our grandmothers. The operating method is, of course, simpler, but it is necessary to resort to it only in the most extreme cases.

To fight the second chin, it`s good to use a special charge, which allows to strengthen the lower muscles of the face. For this it is enough to remember a few basic exercises. Sit back and slowly begin to pull your head back to your back. The mouth must be closed. In ten to fifteen seconds, return to the starting position. Do the exercise five or ten times.

Sit on a chair. Put your hands in front of you. Put your chin on your hands and, overcoming resistance, try to open your mouth.

Stand comfortably. Stick out your tongue and try to reach out to the tip of your nose. Then repeat the exercise, trying to get the tongue to the chin.

Lie down on the floor, hands should be along the body. Press your chin to chest, fix this position for a few seconds. Then slowly return your head to its original position. Repeat 20 times.

Take a pencil in your mouth and”write” to them in the air all the letters of the alphabet, while trying to maximize the muscles of the face.

The contrast shower is also a good helper to bring the chin into tone. Strengthen the oval face and allow easy pats. And if you wet a towel with a strong saline solution, and turning it into a tourniquet, you`ll massage the selections to the right and left, the result will be obvious after a few sessions.

From time to time, follow the procedure below. Take the gauze dressing, fold it several times. The width of the bandage should be about 2-3 cm. Then the resulting tourniquet moisten in the center with lemon juice. Put the bandage on the chin, while the lemon-moistened fabric should cover only the most convex part, and fix the lemon compress for 20-30 minutes. After removing the tourniquet, grease the face with a thick nourishing cream.

“Strengthen” and”tie” the chin can be with the help of an ordinary elastic bandage. Just tie the problem area and after 20-35 minutes, remove the bandage. Once a week will be enough.

An important role in the prevention of double chins is self-massage of the face. Simple, but effective. Sit on a chair, lean your body forward slightly, and head back. Cover the lower lip with the upper one. Then place the middle and index fingers of one hand on the chin, and the little finger and the unnamed one under the chin. Then alternately one or the other hand, five times, stroke the face to the ear.

Caring for the face, do not forget about the nutrition of the skin of the chin and neck. It is best to use creams and masks that help strengthen the skin and give it elasticity, elasticity and smoothness.

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