How to tighten the skin of the neck

How to tighten the neck skin

      To keep the skin more elastic and elastic, you need to take care of it daily: massage, use masks, and sleep on a low pillow. In the morning, rinse your neck in cold water, directing a strong shower on it. And in the evening, washing off the makeup, wipe the neck with a tonic, as for the whole day it formed dust, which clogs the pores.

Flabby skin on the neck is prone to wrinkles and sagging, is characterized by reduced elasticity, pale color. Cosmetologists insist that a firming massage will help tighten the skin of the neck. To do this, pat the back of the palm on the side of the neck, in the direction from the bottom up. After a similar warming up of the skin, start stroking the knuckles with your fingers, completing the massage with patting movements. During showering, it is also recommended to massage the neck with soapy hands.

Also, when lifting the neck, gymnastics is effective. Pull your lips in the form of a tube and say the letters”o”,”y”,”and”. This exercise helps to strengthen the wide neck muscles. The second exercise should be done sitting in front of the mirror, placing the fingers of one hand at the level of the clavicles, and the other hand on the chin. Then you should lower the corners of your mouth down, straining your neck muscles. At this time, the hands should also feel the tension of the muscle. And in the mirror you can see how the skin on the neck visibly rises. Strain this muscle and relax it, repeating this exercise several times.

Do not forget to make compresses from natural herbs, fruits or vegetables, wrapping your neck with cellophane tape and scarf. It is better to repeat the procedure every other day.

In addition, use a potato mask for the neck skin. Take some raw potatoes and rinse them under running water. Next, brush it so that the peel is long. The so-called ribbon peel wrap the neck and fix it from above with cellophane, so that everything will hold. After forty minutes, remove everything and wash the neck with massage movements. After that, lubricate the neck with a fat or special neck cream.

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