How to treat a thorn on the heel

How to treat a spike on the heel

      When you go to the hospital you will remove the spike with a laser. In some cases, when the size of the lesion is large, it is extracted with tweezers, making a very small incision. The healing process depends on your lifestyle, but the less you walk, the faster the unpleasant sensations will go.

If you are afraid to go to the doctor, try to get rid of the spike at home. Pour in a deep basin of hot water and add a little salt or mustard powder. Stir the legs for about 30 minutes. Treat the skin around the spine with alcohol. Then try to hook it with tweezers and remove it. If the spike is small, nothing will come of it. After the procedure, re-treat the skin with alcohol or iodine.

For the treatment of small thorns cement works well, which requires no more than a matchbox. After taking foot baths, rub cement into the spike. The procedure is carried out daily before bedtime. Be sure to wear socks and do not remove them until the morning.

Get rid of the spike and help tincture”Argonica”. In its composition there are silver ions, and it also has an antibacterial effect. You do not need to make water tincture. Simply lubricate the spike, and from above apply cellophane and fix everything with adhesive plaster. Already after 5-7 procedures the spike will come out, and in memory of it there will be only a small depression, which gradually grows.

In folk medicine, copper is used to treat thorns and plantar warts. If you have a copper plate or a coin, heat it, then cool it to 45-50 degrees. Fasten to the thorn and secure with a flexible bandage. There should be a slight burning sensation, so you should wait a little. Apply copper at night until the spike comes out.

If nothing has helped you with folk medicine, and walking continues to give pain, be brave and go to the hospital. Removal of the thorn passes under local anesthesia, so you will not feel any particular pain.

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