How to treat bumps on the soles of the feet

How to treat on the feet on the feet

Use ready-made preparations and patches. Corn patches and creams with salicylic acid help soften a dense layer of skin that can be easily removed. Usually, it is enough to have several regular applications at night to get rid of the burrs. The softened skin is removed with pumice stone, and the skin is lubricated with a nutritious cream. The advantage of this method is the simultaneous disinfection and prevention of inflammation due to the plant extracts contained in the preparations.

Attach the bow. To treat on the feet on the feet can be onions – in the evening, break up your legs and put chopped onions on problem areas. Wrap your feet with polyethylene, creating a greenhouse effect, and fix the bandage with a bandage and socks. In the morning, remove the bandage and remove the soft skin. Sprinkle your feet with talc.

Make a mask from the tomato paste. Apply tomato paste on the steamed soles, wrap the legs with polyethylene and wear socks. Leave the paste on your feet for the night. In the morning, gently remove the softened skin.

Take advantage of the propolis. Fresh propolis should be on the corns for 24 hours – pound the granules, morning, get your feet stuck in the evening and apply propolis again. Continue the procedure for a week.

Make foot bathtubs. Mix in equal proportions with soda, ammonia and scraped soap. Dissolve the mixture in warm water and take the foot baths for half an hour. Add in a cold water a tablespoon of salt, take the procedure for 20 minutes. Prepare the serum in sour milk. Dip your feet into the hot liquid for half an hour. Remove soft skin with pumice or a brush for heels.

Use oil compresses. Vegetable oil lubricate the soles, wrap your feet well for several hours. Remove the compress, wash your feet and remove soft skin. Do not forget to choose the right shoes and orthopedic insoles if necessary.

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