How to treat corn on the toe

How to treat corn on the toe

      If you get a callus, then change your shoes – wear soft slippers that will not hurt the sick finger. Soft watery calluses can not be pierced, as it is easy to carry the infection and provoke a strong inflammation of the tissues. Such corns should be abundantly lubricated with alcohol-containing solutions – iodine, a strong solution of potassium permanganate, greenery, tincture of propolis, medical alcohol, etc. Apply the preparation on a cotton swab and gently wipe the corn and the skin around it.

Dry core corns should be gently softened and removed. To soften the skin, make warm steaming trays – in hot water add a little planed soap, salt and soda, you can replace these ingredients with pine extract or mustard powder. Keep feet in water for at least 20 minutes, if necessary pouring hot water – then wipe your legs and scrape the callus with pumice stone.

Older calluses have to be parried by special compresses – tie the lemon peel over the night with the flesh to the finger. Instead of lemon, you can use aloe flesh – wash the sheet, cut it in half and apply a damp part to the corn, fix the compress with adhesive tape. In the morning, remove the bandage and gently remove the steamed skin with a pumice stone or scraper.

Softening the corn will help and oil rubbing – regular vegetable oil rub into the skin of the finger as often as possible. Once the skin has finally softened, you can try to remove it.

If corn has deep roots, then you have to delete it in the cabin. Modern equipment allows you to get rid of corns in several sessions. You will be offered cryotherapy (moxibustion of tissues with liquid nitrogen), laser treatment and hardware scraping. The latter method is considered to be the most effective way to combat corneal calluses – special disks, the cosmetologist removes cornified layers one by one, reaching to the root. Anti-inflammatory drugs are poured into the formed well. Self-removal of shallow core calluses is possible with the help of acetic essence – fill the finger with an adhesive plaster with a hole in the middle. The hole must be strictly above the corn, into which you will drip the essence. Several procedures are sufficient for burning dry callus with a root.

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