How to treat enlarged tonsils

How to treat enlarged tonsils

      To date, there are two ways to combat chronic inflammation of the glands: radical and conservative. The surgical method, which provides for the removal of enlarged tonsils, is rarely practiced by doctors today. With a variety of physiotherapy procedures, as well as ultrasound treatment, the need for excision of tonsils is eliminated, except for special cases. For example, frequent tonsillitis (more than three times a year), weak resistance of glands to external factors are an indication to their removal, which is performed either by cryodestruction or tonsillectomy (using special forceps).

With an increase in tonsils, a good effect is given by rinsing with sea water or a soda solution with the addition of iodine. In the absence of sea water, you can take the natural sea salt in the solution. The solution is as follows: for a glass of warm tap water two teaspoons (without a slide) of sea salt.

You can also prepare this solution: add a teaspoon of water (warm) in a teaspoon of soda and table salt, stir and add three drops of iodine. For the rinsing of the tonsils, sage grass, crooked oak bark, nettle, birch twigs and leaves (young) are good. Of these herbs make decoctions and rinse the throat a week or two until the full recovery or reduction of the glands.

The tonsils simply need a hot drink in the form of tea or milk with honey and lemon, raspberry jam or jam. In the inflammatory process, when tonsils are not only enlarged in size, but also loose with pronounced reddening, eucalyptus tincture, tea from wormwood, echinacea and propolis are excellent. Propolis in a solid form can even be chewed, taking for this small piece (with a pea). Chew it every day for several days. In addition, propylene oil is lubricated by palatine arches and tonsils. In parallel, it is necessary to increase immunity, and also to avoid hypothermia and the use of cold (especially carbonated) beverages.

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