How to treat the ear after a puncture

How to handle the ear after a puncture

      After puncturing the ears, the wound requires daily treatment within a month. Twice a day, wipe the lobe with alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or any other antiseptic. Additional treatment is performed immediately after any water procedures or suspicion of contact with dirt.

You can not insert a simple metal into the fresh wound in the first few months. Wear earrings only from silver, gold or medical alloy (surgical steel). These metals will not inflame the open wound. Well, if the earrings are small in weight, for example, carnations.

To quickly and correctly tighten the wound, from the second day after the puncture, scroll the earrings several times a day. Watch for sterility of hands. In the first month to remove earrings from the ear can not. The exception is medical indications.

If the lobe inflamed, swollen and pus appeared, treat the wound more often – 7-10 times a day with the above means, in addition use boric alcohol. Suppuration will remove special ointments, such as”Levomekol”,”Levosin”. In case of the slightest doubt and deterioration, remove the earrings and consult a doctor immediately.

The most convenient way to care for punctured ears is medical glue. Apply the product to the open wound immediately after the procedure and forget about the puncture site. No further processing is required. Earrings can not be scrolled, do not touch them until the glue comes off.

After a month, carefully remove the earrings. Do it smoothly so as not to break through the healing puncture. Thoroughly treat the hole in the lobe with peroxide and for a few hours, go without earrings. They must also be rubbed with alcohol. Then put on the earrings again, otherwise the wound will very quickly tighten.

A month later you can decorate your ears with earrings from any metal and any shape.

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