How to use orange oil

How to use orange oil

There are two kinds of orange oil – sweet orange and bitter orange. The difference between these oils lies in the percentage of active components, but in general they have almost the same properties. It is commonly believed that the smell of bitter orange is more refined.

Applying orange oil in cosmetology:

1. Anticellulite massage

Thanks to the ability to improve blood flow and stimulate cell renewal, orange oil helps to cope with cellulite. To obtain a massage mixture, dilute 7 drops of essential oil of orange in 10 ml of cosmetic vegetable oil (for example, almond, or peach).

2. Face care

Orange oil is suitable for the care of any skin, but is especially recommended for dry and irritated. It increases the elasticity, reduces the depth of wrinkles, eliminates inflammation and flaking, has a light bleaching effect. Before application on the face, you need to dissolve 5 drops of essential oil of orange in 15 ml of base cosmetic oil, for example, jojoba oil. The resulting oil mixture should be applied twice a day on clean face and neck skin (instead of day and night cream). The rest of the oil mixture can be soaked in 20 minutes with a clean cloth.

3. Baths with orange oil

These baths have a calming effect and improve the skin condition. Before adding the essential oil (not more than 6 drops) to the water, it is necessary to dissolve it in a small amount of milk or add it to the sea salt for a bath.

Application of orange oil in medicine:

1. Grooming, prevention of stomatitis

A teaspoon of orange oil should be dissolved in the same amount of cosmetic vegetable oil. With the resulting mixture, you can make an application on the gums.

2. Pain in the joints!

7-8 drops of orange oil should be dissolved in 10 ml of cosmetic vegetable oil. The resulting healing mixture can be used for rubbing sick places.

3. Improve vision and digestion

Adding 1 drop of orange essential oil to a glass of orange juice helps relieve tension from the eyes, improves digestion, and also increases immunity.

Applying orange oil in aromatherapy

The fragrance of orange oil improves mood, helps to cope with anxiety, fatigue and sadness. The amount of essential oil of orange, added to the aroma-kettle, is 1 drop for every 5 square meters of the room.

The main safety condition for using orange essential oil is strict adherence to recommended dosages. In addition, it should be borne in mind that orange oil is phototoxic. This means that it increases the sensitivity of the skin to ultraviolet light. Therefore, when adding essential oil of orange in the products applied to the skin, it is not recommended to go out to the sun for 1.5-2 hours.

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