How to use Thermobigi

How to use thermobigi

Thermobooks wind only on clean hair. It is advisable to use the conditioner after using the shampoo – it will make the hair softer and more docile, and also cover them with a protective film.

You should know that it is necessary to wind the curlers only on well-dried hair. If you wind them on a wet head of hair, then it can damage the hair shafts, and you will not get curls.

Before winding the curlers, you need to treat the hair with special styling products – these can be various foams or mousses suitable for your hair type. Pay attention to the means with thermal protection – they envelop the hair with a special film, which helps to reduce the harmful effects of high temperatures to a minimum.

Gently separate the strand, comb it, then wind it, trying to make the ends of the hair lie as flat as possible. Depending on the type of hairstyle, curlers can be wound both inside and out.

If you want to get a three-dimensional haircut or curls in the form of large waves, the stylists advise you to buy curlers as large as possible. If your goal is small curls or fussy curls, then buy a curler of small diameter. If you want to get volume. and small curls, then you can use a combination of large and small hair curlers.

Walk around in the thermal baths for 15-20 minutes, then gently remove them and shake your head. Adjust the hair with your fingers and comb. Shake your head again and fix the curls with hairspray. To make your hair look more natural, spray the varnish at least 30 centimeters away, periodically shaking the curls.

If you constantly use thermalbags, hairdressers advise you to take care of your hair more carefully so that they do not suffer from elevated temperatures. Use quality shampoos and conditioners, once or twice a week pamper your head with nutritious masks and do not forget about protective means for styling !

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