How to use Velcro curler

How to use curlers on Velcro

In order to make a curl using curlers on velcro, it is first of all necessary to wash your hair well and soften it with conditioner. Dry your hair with a towel. If desired, you can apply to the hair along the entire length of the styling agent. This will help to keep the hair on longer.

Fasten all the hair on the crown with clamps, leaving one strand underneath. Take a strand in your hand, comb it. Strands should match the size of the curler. Too thick and wide strands will not hold.

Tip: Choose curlers according to the desired curl size. Large in diameter hair curlers will help create”waves”,”curls” and”curls-rings” at the ends, and small ones – will twist the whole head into”romantic curls.”

Take the curlers in a comfortable hand, in the other hold the tips of the strands. Carefully fix the tips on the”denticles” of the Velcro and start slowly twisting the curlers in the direction from the tips to the roots. Hold at the roots and lightly press the hair to the curler to fix.

Tip: Determine in advance whether you want to get a wave (face, face, parallel or perpendicular, straight or at an angle). Stick to the given direction for all the ringlets, so that it does not turn out to be”raznoboy”.

One by one, strand after strand, curl the hair on the curler, until the area of ​​the bang remains (even if you do not wear it). Here, usually one direction is chosen: from the crown to the forehead (or in the opposite direction) and only inwards to the face.

When”the whole head is ready,” you can lightly dry it with a hairdryer. Some prefer to dry every curl curled on a curler.

If desired, you can use a fixing tool for laying directly on hair curled on hair curlers.

In principle, after doing all these manipulations, when the head dries up completely, you can remove curlers, curls will be ready. However, if there is still time, you can hold them longer.

You need to remove the curlers on the Velcro in the same order as you put on. That is, you need to start from the lower strands, moving to the crown of the head. Gently remove each strand, trying not to deform the curl.

When all the curlers are removed, shake your head, swipe your fingers through your hair. Apply the finishing touches, you can use a hair spray or a shine.

Curlers need a simple care. After each use, do not be too lazy to clean the curlers from the stuck hair. Curlers on velcro are well washed with water and quickly dried. They are conveniently stored in a bundle. Do not store them damp in plastic packaging.

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