How to visually enlarge the chest

How to visually enlarge the chest

Breast enlargement can be done in a cardinal way by performing a plastic surgery. But nevertheless to this method it is necessary to resort only as a last resort, as all the same operation on increase in a breast expensive, and its or her consequences can be the most unexpected. In addition, often the problem of a small breasts of girls is simply contrived. And it`s enough to apply some tricks that will help visually make the breasts bigger.

The most effective way is to purchase a push-up bra. He not only visually enlarges his chest, but also lifts it up nicely. Attention! – choose the laundry you need strictly its size, otherwise the desired effect will not be achieved. If you are going to wear an open dress that does not involve the presence of a bra, then use special silicone pads on the chest, they will give it a beautiful shape, make it visually one or two sizes larger. Perhaps some girls will find that such underwear is expensive, but you need to consider that you will wear it for more than one day and even more than one month. In any case, such bras and pads on the chest are much cheaper than plastic surgery, and certainly safer than her.

Properly selected clothes will also help visually enlarge the chest. For example, different blouses, blouses, dresses with a V-neck will perfectly cope with this task. Also, assemblies, pockets, flounces and other voluminous decorative elements in the chest and shoulder area will make the breasts bigger. This same effect can be achieved if you wear T-shirts with large inscriptions on your chest. But too much detail, too deep neckline, too large patterns can, on the contrary, reduce the breast. Therefore, you should observe moderation when choosing clothes with such elements.

If you want your breasts to look bigger than they really are, then you should not wear tight clothes, however, too large and loose toilets also do not fit. The best thing is to choose the clothes of a semi-adjacent silhouette of light shades.

To emphasize and visually increase a small chest will help, and various sweaters and vests of large mating, fur products. Therefore, in the cold season it is even easier to visually make the breast more, as it will be enough to wear a warm sweater or vest.

Using various accessories – scarves, pendants, beads – will also help visually increase your bust. You can resort to the help of cosmetics. On the hollow between the breasts, apply a light tone of powder or foundation, and on the inside – a darker. This technique will not only give the breast volume, but also beautifully emphasize its shape.

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