How to visually hide a person’s shortcomings

How to visually hide the imperfections of the face

If you have a broad face, you need to increase your eyes. The more and more they appear, the more visually your face will become. On the upper eyelashes, apply a thick layer of carcass, and the bottom do not paint at all.

From round cheeks distracted attention brightly colored eyebrows.

Visually increase the mouth, if it seems too small on the background of the entire face, help increase the lower lip with a lipstick or pencil, but only with a color similar to your natural. To enhance the effect, put a shimmering shine on the middle of the lower lip.

If your face is too round or seems flat, then blush areas of the cheekbones. This will give the person some angularity.

From too wide a nose will distract attention bright makeup of lips and eyes. Also apply a light foundation throughout the bridge of the nose. Its tone should be about two tone lighter than your usual cream or powder.

Visually shorten the long nose is not difficult. Lighten it with powder or cream, this will make the nose wider. And then put a dark tone under the tip of the nose, make the tip pinkish.

If you have round eyes and you do not like it, apply a strip of shadows from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye. Shade select gentle shades.

To correct convex eyes, use shadows of muted shades. Lightly shade the upper eyelid. Underline the edge of the lower eyelid. Under the eyebrows, apply either light shadows, or a light cream.

If your eyes are deeply planted, use light shadows. This will increase them and make them more expressive. Apply shadows to the entire eyelid from the inner edge to the outer edge. Slightly emphasize the incision of the eyes at the outer corner.

If the eyes are planted close, then apply the shadows on the eyelid from the middle. On the bridge of the nose, put a very light shade between the eyes. Arrows make a half, starting to draw them from the middle to the outer edge of the eye.

If the eyes are wide, apply dark shadows on the inside of the eye. And rub them up to the eyebrows. Carefully draw your eyebrows closer to the bridge of your nose.

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