How to visually reduce your growth

How to visually reduce your height

      Choose clothes that visually reduce growth with the help of artful design techniques. For example, it is known that the wide looks lower than the narrow one, so women can be advised full skirts, voluminous dresses, wide stoles, men – loose sweaters of large mating. Tight clothing pulls the figure, so it should be avoided.

The top and bottom should be of different colors, so that the figure is visually divided into two parts – this also helps to reduce the growth. Never wear one-color outfits, for example, black tights with a black dress. Do not forget about such well-known techniques that increase the width, like horizontal strips and multilayered.

Use bright and contrasting accessories – for example, a wide belt at the waist draws attention to this part of the body, visually reducing growth. A shiny bag of saturated color or bright shoes of unusual design make the look concentrate on them, distracting from growth. But do not pay attention to the upper body – avoid wide scarves, noticeable makeup, large hats and other headgear.

Women do not need to completely abandon their heels. A small, steady and beautiful heels will emphasize the stateness of your figure, will draw attention to your feet. But, of course, thin hairpins are not very desirable.

A hairstyle can also play a role in reducing growth. Hair should not be very long and straight – it is desirable to have a haircut to the shoulders. Following the above rule, do not paint your hair in bright colors and do not make complex and intricate hairstyles (especially high!), So as not to attract attention to the upper body.

One of the most common features of tall people is stoop. Believe that the bent back does not make you lower, but on the contrary, each time reminds people of your growth, showing, in addition, your complexes. Walk straight, with straightened shoulders, rest assured of yourself. If you yourself cease to perceive high growth as a disadvantage, people will not notice it.

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