How to wash a coat of wool

How to wash a coat of wool

      Wool is a beautiful, comfortable to wear and warm material. But, like many other natural and mixed fabrics, it needs careful care, in accordance with the rules.

Such a thing as a woolen coat does not need frequent washing. Therefore, for some contamination, for example, the appearance of a stain, it is best to give it to dry cleaning. Nevertheless, in most cases such a thing can be washed and at home.

The basic rule when washing wool: the water temperature should not be too high. The maximum allowed is forty degrees, the ideal temperature is about thirty. When using hot water in woolen threads, a chemical reaction can occur, resulting in the compression of the fabric and the reduction in the size of the thing. It is also not recommended to use machine spinning – it can lead to the appearance of”spools” on woolen things.

The coat is best washed with hands, not in a washing machine, if there is such an option. Also use special powders marked as suitable for washing wool. They are softer than conventional detergents. There are also”national recipes” for the manufacture of cleaning compounds for this type of fabric. For example, instead of a washing detergent, you can use dry mustard dissolved in water. Also, if there is no laundry detergent suitable for wool, soap shavings can be used. It is made from ordinary household soap, dissolved in water and washed with foam.

Woolen things are not recommended to soak. Nevertheless, if a hard to remove stain appears on the coat, you can leave it for a couple of hours in water at a temperature of twenty degrees with a small amount – about a spoon – ammonia. Next, you should wash the thing, in water suitable for wool temperature, with soap or other detergent.

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