How to wash a synthetic jacket

How to erase a synthpane jacket

      If there are spots on the jacket, they must be removed before washing. Apply a stain remover to the contaminated areas, which will not damage the material. Therefore, before use, carefully look at what is written on the label of the jacket. There should be a note that such cleansing is not prohibited.

Minor pollution is effectively eliminated by dishwashing liquid. She takes care of the fabric without damaging the color and texture. Stains from blood can be removed with cold water and household soap. Traces of the foundation are disappearing under the influence of medical alcohol.

Jacket with synthetic filler can be washed by hand. It is not recommended to soak the product before washing. Hang the jacket over your hangers above the bathroom. Clean the material with a foam rubber sponge and gel for washing delicate fabrics or other detergent, which does not include bleaching and coloring substances. Then rinse thoroughly with warm water from the shower hose.

Synthetpon jacket can be washed in a typewriter. Take out small items from your pockets. During washing, they can damage the material. You can put the jacket in a special fabric bag. So you prevent tears.

Select the gentle mode or hand wash and the temperature does not exceed 30 ° C. It is advisable not to use detergent. It does not completely dissolve in water, so it clogs the pores of the tissue. In addition, it is poorly rinsed, so that clothes remain unpleasant stains. Prefer liquid detergents. In addition, if the jacket is dark in color, rinse several times.

Drying a synthetic jacket is desirable in straightened condition on a terry towel. If this is not possible, hang it on your hangers. Dry the jacket at room temperature and away from radiators and direct sunlight.

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