How to wash green from the body

How to rinse the green from the body

      To wash the green with water, of course, you can, but it will take more than one day. And to be in public places with green”ornaments” on the face or hands is not aesthetically pleasing.

You can remove traces of green from visible areas of the body, using the tools available in each house. The most common way is to process the”green” areas with hydrogen peroxide.

When the green must be washed off with a healthy, not problem, skin, use medical alcohol (salicylic). Adding a little lemon juice to it, we will get one more remedy, perfectly replacing the ready-made lemon spirit. Excellent copes with this task and camphor alcohol.

Alcohol-containing preparations – lotions, colognes can help wipe green. In extreme cases, fresh stains can be removed by wiping them with vodka.

If you apply a little fat cream on the skin, (it`s better to take a baby cream), and then wash it off with warm water and soap, then the bright color of the antiseptic will fade. This procedure should be carried out at least three times a day. Harm from the cream will not, and the traces of zelenki will become less noticeable.

It happens that the hands get dirty with green, when you need to process not their own wounds, for example, but a graze to the child. In this case, you can make a warm bath for the hands, adding a few drops of chlorophyllipt (alcohol solution) or several grains of potassium permanganate to warm water.

Chlorhexidine solution, which has an antiseptic, disinfecting property, also significantly brightens the effect of green. But, it should be remembered that it is not compatible with soap and is contraindicated for those with elevated allergic reactions.

You can remove stains of greenery from the skin by making a bath with hot water (how much the hand”tolerates”), then wipe the steamed place with a hard washcloth. This technique is only shown if there are no wounds on the skin areas, and the green got by accident.

In summer, it is possible to wipe green leaves with sorrel leaves. The acid contained in the plant copes well with this task.

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