How to wash off castor oil

How to wash off the hair with castor oil

      Castor oil is obtained from castor seeds by direct pressing. This remedy is a very inexpensive, but quite effective medicine with a long shelf life for your hair. The second name given to castor oil is castor oil or ricin oil. It can be purchased in almost every pharmacy. Keep the vial tightly closed, in a dark and cool place.

If you are the owner of dry and weakened hair, feel free to use castor oil without mixing foreign ingredients. Lightly heat the oil and draw it into a disposable syringe without a needle. Make a parting and lightly brush the scalp, massage the pads of the fingers in circular motions and wrap the hair with a warm terry towel, leave for one or two hours. Do this mask for one week every other day.

When it`s time to rinse off the healing mask from the hair, there may be some difficulties, since washing off the burdock oil is quite difficult. The thing is that it is not categorically soluble in water. It seems that it is easy to solve this problem, it is only necessary to use a good shampoo or soap. Stock up with patience and thoroughly rinse your head with the most hot water, after the oil comes off a little, use a shampoo for greasy hair. Wash your hair several times.

If you first add egg yolk to the castor mask, it will be washed much easier. This common ingredient, which is found in every home, will help not only to remove oil from the hair, but also will greatly benefit their roots and scalp.

Never, and under no circumstances, wash the castor oil off the hair with soap. It has the property of drying the scalp and hair, because of the therapeutic procedure will not have a positive effect. Especially to wash off with soap oil all the same it will not be possible.

In order for castor oil to be subsequently washed off from your hair, mix it in small proportions with less dense in composition and consistency essential oils. For this, rosemary, grape or almond oil is suitable. At the same time, you will simultaneously receive a therapeutic mask that will relieve nervous tension, strengthen hair and improve your mood.

Apply castor oil solely to the roots of the hair. If you have distributed the oil along its entire length, it will be much more difficult to wash it off. Many ladies use a dishwashing detergent that works well with fat. But you should be careful, as this tool contains a large number of chemical elements that can adversely affect the condition of your hair.

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