How to wash off wax for hair removal

How to wash off the wax for epilation

      In modern cosmetology hair removal with the help of wax is usually called bioepilation. Usually, women are satisfied with its result: the hairs grow slowly, and eventually become thinner and less noticeable. There are three types of this procedure: removal of cold wax, warm and hot wax.

It is better not to use hot wax at home, as there is a danger of getting a thermal burn. With cold or warm wax depilation is not particularly difficult. Here you need to remember an important rule: apply wax in the direction of hair growth, and tear strips against the growth of hair with a sharp movement.

After the procedure for the destruction of unwanted vegetation, wax traces often remain on the skin. How do I delete them? If a hot wax was used as the depilator, it can be removed simply with warm water. After moistening a cotton swab or a very soft sponge, gently remove the remnants of the product. To soothe the skin and remove irritation, apply a cooling gel.

Warm or cold wax is removed with special lotions, wipes with paraffin oil (often sold with wax). If neither one nor the other is present, use normal baby oil, vegetable oil or a greasy cream. Remove residues with cautious movements (again with the help of cotton pads or soft tissue). Remember: your skin has just suffered quite a lot of stress.

If there is no strong irritation, small particles of wax can also be removed by the mechanical method of”sticking-sticking” strips to the right places.

At the end of the procedure, it`s a good idea to use a mousse or lotion that slows down the growth of hair, preventing hair from growing, moisturizing the skin. Modern manufacturers offer a very wide range of such products. However, redness or irritation will also remove the usual baby oil or cream.

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