How to wear a raincoat

How to wear a raincoat

      Cloaks, the length of which does not reach the knees, are called trenches. They can be combined with shoes, sandals, boots or ankle boots. But the jack must be avoided. In addition, it is very important that the shoes were made in the same style as the trench coat. This kind of raincoat sits well on almost any figure and is perfectly combined with both skirts and trousers.

Going to work, the trench can be combined with a shirt, shortened trousers and classic shoes. And for trips to cafes or shops combine a raincoat with jeans, comfortable boots, capacious bags and scarves.

Some styles, fastened only to the middle, are designed for evening dresses. There are also such raincoats, which generally do not have buckles and are worn over the head. Functional load, they do not carry in themselves, but they look very impressive, especially if they are perfectly matched to the tone.

Raincoats long to the thighs are worn with everyday dresses or jeans. They are very functional, as they often have collars and comfortable sleeves made of a different fabric. Such raincoats are well suited both for urban style and for outdoor recreation.

Models, called”princess”, combine with lush dresses or skirts. Choose shoes with high heels and small elegant handbags. These styles usually do not have a lining, well fit silhouette and emphasize the waist.

Long raincoats are best for women with a figure type called”hourglass”. Combine such models with capacious bags and feminine shoes without a heel. And also do not wear a too long outfit under the long cloak, otherwise all the unevennesses will immediately become visible.

Picking up a scarf or stole, emphasize the color. It should be in harmony with the rest of the style and combined with a shade of raincoat. With these accessories, you can hide too wide shoulders or pick up the collar, protecting yourself from the wind.

Try to tie a sash to different interesting knots or pick a beautiful belt of leather or fabric. And the sleeves of trenches roll up to the elbow and complement the outfit with bracelets of the same size.

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