How to wear stockings correctly

How to wear stockings correctly

      Stockings are underwear, so their elastic should not be visible from under the mini-skirt. With a skirt below the knee, it is recommended to wear transparent stockings, and with a length above the knee, it is better to look opaque. Very effectively put on stockings with high-heeled shoes. It is absolutely unacceptable that stockings should be visible under tight clothes. You can not wear them with sports clothes.

It is not recommended to wear stockings with boots, because the locks can form puffs.

Classics of the genre is considered black and beige color stockings, but many women prefer white color. Modern models offer a variety of shades: gray, blue, brown, red, burgundy. When choosing options with openwork pattern, embroidery or rhinestones, you should choose clothes in advance, with which such stockings will look harmonious.

Stockings are chosen depending on the season, the addition of lycra makes them thin and almost transparent, which looks very natural. And woolen models are not relevant now, because it is more practical to wear warm and comfortable tights in winter.

Stockings in an everyday wardrobe can be worn with a belt, the correctly chosen model of which will not slide and curl, but snugly sits on the waist and hips. Elastic and strong suspenders for stockings should have clip-clips that firmly secure and tighten the stockings in the upper part, not allowing them to slip. It`s good if they are made of metal. Modern stocking models have special silicone strips. They firmly attach the stockings directly to the body. In this case, there is no need for garters and belts.

Stockings by color and texture should match shoes, unprofitable looking tight opaque variants with sandals and open shoes. It should be remembered that the color of the shoes should not be lighter than the stocking tone. For night discos, stockings with sparkles are perfect. Transparent models are practical and versatile, they make the legs smooth and fit to any one along.

Choose stockings expensive and, therefore, quality. They are more durable, beautiful and have flat seams. To distinguish good stockings is very simple. Serious manufacturing companies are flavoring their products.

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