How to whiten the skin on the body

How to whiten the skin on the body

      Skin whitening may be necessary for two main reasons – due to the abundance of freckles or pigment spots, or because the person does not generally like the skin tone. In these situations, you need to act differently.

The most common bleaching is precisely to get rid of freckles. Most often they appear on the face, but in some cases they can cover all areas of the body accessible to the sun. In this case, you can help bleaching creams, which can be purchased at pharmacies or beauty shops. Also there are many folk remedies that are considered effective enough. For example, whitening is facilitated by washing with water with lemon juice. Also for the same purposes, tincture of calendula, yogurt, juices of berries such as raspberries and currants is used. You can also use hydrogen peroxide, diluted with water. But this means should be treated cautiously – it dries the skin.

If no folk remedies help, contact the beauty salon. In case of too abundant pigmentation, not related to the sun, it is necessary to consult with the attending physician – this condition can be a consequence of various diseases. In this case, any bleaching without treatment of the causes of discoloration will be useless.

A general change in skin tone can only be carried out by a cosmetologist. Usually it consists of two stages – exfoliation of the upper cornified part of the cells and a decrease in the production of a special pigment. For the first stage, preparations for chemical peeling are used – various acids in a special concentration. Please note that this is a traumatic procedure for the skin. The first few days after cleansing are accompanied by redness and sometimes irritation.

Then apply the means, reducing the amount of substances that color the skin. In addition, vegetable bleaching agents can be used.

Since the bleaching process requires serious skills from the beautician, carefully consider the choice of clinic and specialist. It is best to use the services of a person with a medical education that understands all the consequences of cosmetic manipulation.

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