In the New Year in a new guise

In the New Year in a new guise

      Of course, you should not go over to something extreme and radically change your appearance, because your family and friends may not understand this. It`s better to work on your hair, make-up and wardrobe.

After you objectively evaluate your appearance and understand what exactly you would like to change and what to become, start working on your hairdo. Choose for yourself a new haircut and hair color. Today you can do it with the help of special computer programs and Internet sites.

The shape of the new haircut should depend on the shape of your face. Professionals consider the ideal oval face, so all the elements of the hairstyle should bring you closer to this. If your face has a square or round shape, then slant bangs, crochet hair, volume at the top will do. If you have a triangular face (wide forehead and narrow chin), then it`s better to make quads of different length, straight and slanting bangs.

When choosing a hair color, consider the shade of the skin and eyes. If you have dark skin and bright brown, blue or green eyes, then the shades of chestnut, brown, copper, golden, caramel will suit. If your face is pale, and your eyes are light blue or gray, blond will work well. Black hair color can go far from everyone, so it`s best to avoid it.

Choose a new wardrobe for your new hairstyle. On the advice of stylists, what style of clothing you would not adhere to, it is best to choose elegant outfits for the figure and complement the sets with small accessories. Remember that in the image there should be only one highlight, do not overload yourself with different details, otherwise you will look vulgar.

Appreciate your usual makeup and think about how it can be changed. Read specialized literature and learn how to properly emphasize your view yourself or seek advice from a specialist. Remember that when creating makeup it is important to consider the size, shape and color of the eyes, as well as the nature of your skin on the eyelids. Improperly selected shadows can simply spoil your appearance and even grow old.

Change your image and bring it to perfection, and then you will feel very confident, and all the surrounding will admire your beauty.

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