Infrared sauna: visiting rules

Infrared sauna: rules for visiting

Before a session that lasts about 40 minutes, drink mineral water to compensate for the loss of fluid. Water can also be drunk during the procedure to increase sweating.

Sweet drinks, soda water is not recommended. On a full, as well as on an empty stomach, the sauna should not be visited, because the feeling of discomfort will spoil the entire therapeutic effect. Have a light meal for an hour and a half before the session.

Be sure to ventilate the cabin before visiting the sauna, so as not to sit in the stagnant air. The duration of the first session should not exceed 25 minutes, and the temperature above 45 degrees.

Take a hot shower, so that the pores on the skin open, and the purification process intensifies. The body during the session should always be dry, as water is resistant to penetration of radiation. Take a towel with you to wipe away the perspiring sweat. Creams, oils and other products in the infrared sauna do not use.

The radiation in the sauna raises the body temperature to 38 degrees, as it happens when the body fights the infection, so the sauna is most useful for the first appearance of cold symptoms. Put your feet at the level of the body and closer to the heater, so that they warm up well.

Take a shower after the session to wash off toxins from the skin. Relax without making sudden movements for 10 minutes. If there is a need, apply cream or oil to the skin.

In order to obtain a curative effect, an infrared sauna should be visited systematically, up to twice a week. The number of sessions should be 10 – 12. You can visit the sauna every other day, but not more often.

Many people can take the procedures in an infrared sauna, there are fewer restrictions and contraindications here, since a low temperature is used and a low humidity is observed compared to a traditional bath.

In many countries, an infrared sauna is used to relieve the condition of patients suffering from arthritis. Eliminates muscle and menstrual pain. Helps with stretches, radiculitis, immobility of joints, rheumatism, etc.

Infrared radiation, unlike ultraviolet light, does not harm the skin, does not burn the oxygen of the air, but warms up the body as in an ordinary bath.

Consult a doctor if you suffer from chronic illnesses, or have suffered a stroke, heart attack, take medication or are pregnant.

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