Irritation after epilation: how best to get rid of redness

Irritation after epilation: how best to get rid of redness

Skin irritation after epilation is easier to prevent

To prevent irritation and redness on the skin of the legs or other areas, before washing, thoroughly wash all treated areas with antibacterial soap, rip off, wipe with medical alcohol and only then proceed to the immediate procedure for removing unwanted vegetation. Such methods will help to protect yourself as much as possible from the appearance of irritation.

How to deal with irritation after epilation, if it still appeared

After you have removed all the hair from your legs, hands, armpits or bikini area, carefully wipe the entire skin with alcohol or alcohol-containing lotion and apply a fresh moisturizer.

Remember, after depilation, you can not do chemical hair removal, and also within two days should refrain from visiting the solarium, the beach.

For those who have already experienced irritation after epilation, more effective methods of skin disinfection are recommended to prevent irritation. Before the procedure, buy an alcohol-containing solution of levomycetin, chlorhexidine or Miromistin in the pharmacy. Carefully treat one of the means of the zone on which the epilation was performed. Repeat treatment for several days 3-4 times a day.

No less effective means to combat skin irritation after epilation -“Panthenol”. The product is intended for application to scratches, wounds, small burns, but also suitable for removing irritation. Lubricate the skin excessively, after 30 minutes, remove the excess with an antibacterial wipe.

It is possible to remove the itching and irritation of the skin after depilation with wax using tea tree oil. Mix 5 drops of oil, which has an antiseptic effect, with 1 teaspoon of olive oil. Apply this product on the skin instead of moisturizing cream.

If you yourself remove unnecessary vegetation on the skin and always face the problem of irritation, try to register with a beautician and undergo the procedure in the salon conditions.

Decoctions of calendula, celandine and chamomile also remarkably relieve itching and irritation of the skin after depilation or depilation. Instead of broths, you can use the alcohol tinctures of these herbs, rubbing the affected skin.

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