Japanese Shiatsu Facial Massage

Japanese Shiatsu Facial Massage

How is a shiatsu face massage done ?!

Shiatsu acupressure is performed by the action of fingers on the facial areas in the area of ​​biologically active points. In other words, this is a point method of affecting the acupuncture points. Facial massage is performed very slowly, with light pressure on the fingertips. Begins massage with pressure on the points located on the forehead, in the direction from the eyebrows to the hair. Then the specialist moves to his cheeks, moving from nose to temples. Further, the chin and ears are involved. Influence on each point can be no more than 7 seconds. Massage is recommended in the morning or evening.

The action of the massage

Shiatsu acts on the points that are responsible for the muscle tone of the face. It prevents the formation of wrinkles, eliminates dilated pores and tightens the oval face. It is very important that during the session you breathe properly and be as relaxed as possible. Shiatsu teaches rhythmic breathing with the help of a diaphragm, which expands to the point of Hara. It is located below the navel and combines two energies – Jan and Yin. Proper breathing contributes to the complete restoration of all body systems. During the session, complete relaxation is necessary. If you are tense, you can not start a massage. Before the session, you need to lie down and relax. This kind of massage does not stretch the skin. Thanks to the massage technique, blood circulation, metabolism in the skin and muscles improves, skin elasticity is restored, wrinkles are smoothed, puffiness is removed and the complexion is leveled. The action of facial massage is lasting for 24 hours.

Shiatsu at home

It is advisable that a shiatsu face massage be done by a specialist. If this is problematic, you can master some tricks and do the massage yourself. The main thing is, do not stretch the skin. Start shiatsu with cleansing the skin. Wash and wipe the skin with cosmetic milk or lotion.

Against wrinkles on the forehead

Press the middle and index fingers of both hands on the forehead for 30 seconds, smoothing the forehead from the center to the temples.

Against nasolabial folds!

Using the tips of your thumb and forefinger, press the corners of your mouth from bottom to top 30 seconds.

For brilliance in the eyes

Press the tips of your index fingers on the inner corners of your eyes for 3 seconds.


Shiatsu massage is performed on a healthy face skin. If you have damage, inflammation or injury, you need to cure the skin and only then start the course. Massage is contraindicated in infectious diseases, neoplasms and schizophrenia.

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