Lack of water in the body: precautionary measures

Lack of water in the body: precautions

“Drinking a sufficient number of different drinks, we provide the body with the necessary amount of water.” This idea is one of the greatest misconceptions of our time. Of course, it`s much more pleasant to drink a jar of sweet fizzy drink or a mug of fragrant hot tea than a glass of tasteless liquid. What`s the difference? After all, soda, and tea are made on the basis of the same water.

But the main problem is that the body needs pure water. It goes to the nutrition cells of all organs, primarily the brain. And this is very serious. With a permanent lack of fluid, the size of the brain may begin to decrease. Thus the person can not adequately think and carry out habitual duties.

The body does not always tell us about the water shortage with a thirsty feeling. The lack of this vital component can mean some sensations and conditions:
• Lethargy.
• Feeling tired or anxious.
• Thirst for various artificial drinks (tea, coffee, carbonated, alcoholic, etc.)
• Depression and a sense of despondency.
• Restless sleep or dream about water in its various forms.
• Shortness of breath in a healthy person.
• Spitfire and irritability.
All this, according to experts, can mean dehydration of the body.

The rate of fluid intake into the body is 2 liters per day. This does not mean that you need to drink daily more than 2 liters of clean water. But think about the next.

The carbonated water you drink contains far from useful substances that change the chemical composition of the body. This is not very good. All favorite tea, of course, is useful, but has diaphoretic and diuretic properties. As a result, the moisture in the body becomes only less. Milk is not water and refers more to food. And how many soups do you eat per day?

Now mentally summarize how much water enters your body per day. At least a liter of typed? .. Therefore, remember for yourself a few rules for taking water:
• Drink it in small portions of 200-250 ml – periodically, throughout the day.
• Drink before eating. A glass of water half an hour before meals will help prepare the digestive tract and avoid excessive overeating.
• Drink and after eating, after 2-2,5 hours. This will eliminate dehydration caused by food splitting processes.
• It is necessary to drink before exercising.
• Drink a glass of water immediately after waking up. This will help to eliminate dehydration after a long sleep.

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