Lamination: a revolution in the field of dyeing and hair care

Lamination: revolution in the field of dyeing and hair care

Using the dye LUQUIAS 3.0 from LebeL, you can get light pastel shades, deep saturated or bright creative colors and even color the gray hair. This soft delicate stain retains its effect from 3 to 6 weeks.

It is important to note that LUQUIAS 3.0 works with the most varied hair structure. Fine hair will give the density and volume increase, hardness – softness and elasticity, damaged – will give a healthy shine, and gray – a dense coating of gray hair.

Laminating dye LUQUIAS 3.0 is known in the Russian market for several years, but in autumn 2016 its composition was updated. Now his innovative formula includes the properties of the three popular salon programs from LebeL: phytolamination, biolamination and dyeing by a direct, absolutely harmless dye. The procedure LUQUIAS 3.0 is now available in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and in the regions.

Phyto-lamination: hair care

The dye contains various plant components. They provide hair care during staining. For example, silk protein makes hair smooth and shiny. By the way, this component is often found in cosmetology in age creams – for the alignment of the structure of the skin. As shown by the research of specialists of the LebeL laboratory, it is also ideal for smoothing the damaged hair structure. Extract of Amur velvet strengthens the structure of hair and gives them a density. Active ingredients of grape seeds, soybeans and sunflower seeds fill the hair with lipids, which hold the molecular moisture in the hair, give softness and elasticity.

Bio-lamination: hair protection

As we said earlier, lamination is the covering of hair with a membrane that envelops every hair. This thin coating gives the effect of thickening of hair and protects them from the influence of harmful environmental factors. Sun, wind, sea water, heat – with LUQUIAS 3.0 hair protected to the very tips !

What`s important, LUQUIAS 3.0 covers the hair with a breathable membrane. That is, when you continue to home care for hair, the active components of masks and serums can easily penetrate the structure of your hair.

Feature of bio-protection LUQUIAS 3.0 – in the new technology SMS-elastomer. SMS is a complex of cellular membranes that is present in our natural hair. One of the functions of SMS – fastening the scales of the cuticle and, consequently, protecting the cortex of the hair. (Cortex is a cortex consisting of dead cells that give the hair strength and elasticity.) Cortex contains a pigment melanin, which determines the natural color of hair .– Ed.). However, SMS is also influenced by factors such as high temperatures, chemical effects, air, and over time its amount decreases, hair becomes dull, dry, inelastic.

The cream base LUQUIAS contains an ingredient that is related to the material of the cuticle of natural hair – SMS-elastomer. During application, the cream base and hair form a single whole. The content of this component in the formula LUQUIAS 3.0 provides the hair with softness, smoothness, elasticity and a healthy appearance.

Safe staining

Now the lamination procedure, among other things, allows you to color your hair. At the same time, it must be remembered that LUQUIAS 3.0 is always a tone-in-tone or blackout operation. Palette LUQUIAS 3.0 opens wide possibilities of work with color: the dye helps to refresh the existing hair color or create a new one, to make the coloring bright colors or, conversely, shades of natural scale. The matrix structure of the dye ensures the most uniform distribution of the composition over the hair and the same uniform coloring.

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